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Toll Free: 877-737-0038
Sioux Lookout, ON: 807-737-0038
St. Andrews, MB: 204-339-0038
Office/Admin: 807-737-0039


SkyCare has one of the most modern, efficient, and well-maintained fleets in the aviation world. Whether you are flying in our Merlin IIIB, Metro II, or Navajo Chieftain, you will always board a clean plane, and our comfortable seats and leg room will allow you to relax and enjoy the flight in style. Our aircrafts were also some of the first to have state-of-the-art safety equipment including TAWS (Terrain Avoidance & Warning System), TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), WAAS GPS, and XM Satellite Weather. Rest assured, you will be safe and secure in flying with us, no matter the aircraft or the destination.

The Swearingen Merlin IIIB twin-turbo prop sets the standard for comfort, speed, and efficiency for its class of aircraft. Faster than the King Air with a quieter interior, the Merlin IIIB offers executive class passenger comfort in its spacious pressurized cabin. With a range of 1900 miles, low fuel burns and a cruising speed of 300 miles per hour, the Merlin is truly an amazingly capable aircraft.

Max Range:
1900 Miles


MerlinAvg Cruise Speed:
300 miles/hr

Max Payload:
2200 lbs


Metro II
The Metro II features a pressurized cabin that is twice the size of its competitors and in most cases is faster, more fuel efficient, and economical. It has a large cargo door and cargo bay making it ideal for combination loads. Whether you need to transport equipment to remote work sites or passengers and cargo back home, the Metro II will get you there safely and quickly.

Max Range:
1700 Miles


Metro IIAvg Cruise Speed:
270 miles/hr

Max Payload:
2500 lbs

Widely recognized as the best aircraft in its category, the Navajo Chieftan is ideal for accomodating 5 to 9 passengers comfortably. It is a very flexible aircraft that is comfortable carrying corporate personnel as it is cargo. Our Chieftans are equipped with first class interiors and feature cargo doors in the event your transportation need is for straight cargo or combination loads.

Max Range:
850 - 1150 Miles


ChieftanAvg Cruise Speed:
175 miles/hr

Max Payload:
1800 lbs

Toll Free: 877-737-0038 | Sioux Lookout, ON: 807-737-0038 | St. Andrews, MB: 204-339-0038 | Office/Admin: 807-737-0039
17 Airport Rd, Sioux Lookout, Ontario. P8T 1A3 | 704 Southgate Rd, St. Andrews, Manitoba. R1A 3P8